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We have our fabrication unit located in Puzhal, Chennai, just off the Chennai-Kolkata highway, under a 10,000 sq.ft shed. This facility houses industry leading machinery and skilled and experienced personnel to deliver you the best in quality. We have a full DG back up should there be a power outage. We have ensured that all our employees are provided a comfortable environment to work in. For us it is not just about what comes out of the manufacturing cycle, it is also about what goes in and that is why we carefully select all our raw materials after thorough evaluation. Therein lie the details!

Our thorough quality control procedure involves checking of the product at each stage of the production by our trained personnel, so that the defect, if any, is detected at the point where it is made. This helps us improve efficiency and avoid delays. Our systemized procurement team ensures adequate supply and efficient utilization of over 500 different inventory items present in our factory. If 500 items seem like an exaggeration to you, you are welcome to visit our factory.